How to Overcome Communication Anxiety

I asked Ryan Rivera to share his expertise on panic attacks and communication anxiety. FYI: He used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years, so he knows what he’s talking about. He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Anxiety disorders can appear in different forms. It can be general or specific phobias that involve exposure to public. Communication anxiety is one of the most common which refers to the fear of speaking in public. This becomes an anxiety disorder which can elevate stress levels to unimaginable levels. Overcoming communication anxiety can propel you towards the top and it starts with your willingness to improve yourself.

Seek the root cause

Look at the reason why you are suffering from communication anxiety. It can involve past rejections, low self-esteem due to past experience or insecurities that you had during childhood. Make a list that will tell you the reasons why you are uncomfortable speaking in public. This will give you an idea on how to address those negatives and find ways to correct these in order to overcome communication anxiety. Once you have clearly identified the root cause of your communication anxiety, you have to find the best ways to be able to move on.   But, if it is something too difficult for you to overcome then you should not hesitate to seek professional help.

Start small

Before speaking in front of large crowds, try starting with smaller ones first. It is important to build your confidence. Once you get the hang speaking with small crowds you can progress speaking with larger crowds. Becoming active in meetings is a great way to speak in small crowds. You can also participate in sales pitches with a client. Do anything that can boost your confidence. Participating in different groups or social activities can also help you enhance your communication skills.


If there are three things that are crucial against communication anxiety is practice, practice and practice. Preparation and practice are the keys to effectively easing communication fear. If you prepare how you deliver your message you build better self-confidence. Before that big day, ask a friend to be your audience and get their feedback on how you can further improve the delivery. Practice the speech in front a big mirror and make sure that you have cue cards on hand. Avoid memorizing or you will end up murmuring because of your anxiety.  Search the internet for more tips that will help you improve your communication skills and gain effective coping skills against stress and anxiety.


Don’t forget to breathe. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth allows you to relax. Before you step on to the podium make sure that you breathe deeply to calm your nerves. Clear up your mind through breathing which can be cluttered with negative energy. Make sure that you are relaxed before delivering that all important speech.


Yes! Laughter allows you to have a more positive mindset. Laughter allows the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain notably serotonin. Higher levels of serotonin allow the brain to feel less stressed. As stress levels go down, you have better control of your faculties. This can be translated to a more relaxed state and lower blood pressure which can give you the edge when you deliver that speech.

Develop your personal style

Learn to develop a style that is truly you. Combine the strengths of your personality with your speaking talents to produce a more natural delivery. Make sure that you have a definitive statement when you deliver your speech. Remember that your uniqueness is another valid reason why people must listen to what you are saying. Therefore, you should avoid imitating distinct styles of other people that will only make you look like a copy-cat.  Be original and you will prevent your audience from comparing you to the other person which you are trying to portray.

You can seek the help of professionals to build your confidence in public speaking. The modules are designed to help you overcome communication anxiety. Remember that you are not the only one suffering from speaking phobia. It is important that you start to correct this soon. Your ability to curb the apprehensions in speaking will enhance your standing professionally and publicly.


  1. Janice Cummings says:

    I would like to be able to speak in public to a lot of
    people. Not being afraid and just let those words flow.

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